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2020 Oct 18th:

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Electronic pop music for your mind and feet is an expression of what we wish to achieve with our music:  to affect your brain and feet – to describe the duality of life and the world around us.

It is hard against soft, dark against light: The contradictions of life…..

deZeption was formed in May 2003 by  Claus Lindskov Hansen and Jan Brink .

The collaboration and creativity actually turned out to give a better result than expected: Synergy. The desire to express the music, led to the desire to play live.

In May 2005, Kim B. Sommer was hired as a live keyboard player and, as it turned out, the chemistry was so good that Kim subsequently was invited as a permanent member of the band.

The idea has always been to create something durable – music that can affect people. And after receiving a lot of positive feedback about our music and liveshows, it motivated us to strive for more.

The first milestone was reached with the release of our debut album ‘Human Eyes’ in 2008. In order to create as much artistic freedom, we chose to release the album on our own label deZeptivemusic.

Claus Lindskov Hansen chose to leave deZeption, in August 2011 and Kim B. Sommer chose to leave deZeption the 15th. of Oktober 2017.

In July 2012,  Henning Wibrand was welcomed as our new lead singer. His arrival, took taken deZeption’s music and lyrics to a new level. But after releasing the 2nd. album “Mature” and playing our “debut” concert in 2018, it was then decided in October 2019, to end this cooperation due to different reasons.

deZeption is now currently looking for a new leadsinger.

On stage, our visual concept is simple, strong and unique. Our music and image appeals to a wide audience and  therefore, we have the joy of having fans from all around the world – represented by both the younger and the older generation from genres like pop, rock, dance and more.

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