Your Life

You can put your everything at stake – aha
Fruits will fall from every tree you shake – aha
Though they may not all be to you taste – aha
A hungry soul can also thrive on waste – aha

And your life – if you take time to peruse
Even when not going too smooth
Even when the root note is blues
You’ll find some moments of truth

Sum up all the challenges you’ve faced – aha
Stack up all the dreams that you’ve chased – aha
Judge all your achievements by their weight – aha
You can wait a lifetime for a break – aha

But your life – looking at it case by case
You should not be standing abased
Even if it doesn’t equate
Cause and effect fluctuate
There is no such thing as fate
Embrace the changes you have made
You’ve designed your personal stage
You’re the lead in your own play

Oblivion is a force we tend to underrate – aha
Nothing is ever certain or truly safe – aha
But even bad decisions expiate – aha
You can blame it on a pure heart if you’re chaste – aha

Cause in time – everything will disappear
Nothing of this will be real
Tears dry up and wounds will heal
No one will know you were here
You’ll have nothing to conceal

There’s a place
An infinite and beautiful space
Where all the dreamers congregate
And wishful thinking dominates
Allowing visions to inflate

Allowing visions to inflate
Allowing visions to inflate
Allowing visions to inflate

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