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2023 May 30th:


In May 2003, deZeption was formed and this year deZeption is celebrating its 20 years anniversary of “making electronic pop music – for your mind and feet”.

It has been quite a journey. I would like to thank all the former band members for their participation throughout the years. I couldn’t have done this without you.

In 2018 deZeption became a solo project primarily featuring the studio project “BlueBalou”, where I took a huge step putting myself out there, as the lead singer. I knew my voice wasn’t perfect, but my creativity was blooming and I had so much fun, so I decided to keep on singing.

I believe that this is the right decision and therefore I have decided to take another huge step, becoming the new lead singer for deZeption. I hope you will join me on this new journey.

Thanks to all of my fans for being out there and supporting deZeption’s music.

Stay tuned for upcoming tracks soon…….

2022 Feb 18th:


deZeption is excited to annonce a new single and music video release “Paper And Pen” featuring BlueBalou. The single and the music video will be available on all major streaming  and download platforms and YouTube.


2020 Oct 18th:

Merchandise has been added to our shop.

Check it out here:

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